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FAQs About Us

Collaborative partnerships like ours are definitely complex, but we hope that through these FAQs, our role and activities might become a little clearer.

What is PCF?

Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families (PCF) is a group of local early childhood and family-serving organizations. We are also an early childhood council (ECC) as defined by the state of Colorado. This group works to help better create, connect and coordinate services for children and families in Mesa County. Read more about us and our history.

How is PCF funded?

PCF is funded through multiple channels. Through the legislation that created early childhood councils, a line item was also established in the statewide budget to support ECCs. Each ECC, including PCF, can receive funding each year to help advance its goals, as they align with statewide initiatives and focus. In addition to state funding, PCF also receives monies from private foundations and in-kind donations from community partners. Learn more about those who support us on our funders and partners page.

How does PCF make a difference?

We like to think of our impact falling within two primary target focuses: 1) children and families and 2) community systems and partnerships. For children and families, we make a difference by increasing access to quality childcare and educational resources. For community systems and partnership, we make a difference by connecting providers to each other and to resources that will help them better serve their clients. For more information and concrete results, please visit our impact page and check out our latest annual report.

Why is important to care about the work of PCF?

We believe (and are supported by lots of research) that early childhood is a critical point in a child’s life that has impact and implications stretching well beyond their early years and beyond their individual family unit. This means that even if you don’t have children yourself, you aren’t separate from the impact of positive or negative childhood experiences and education. The impact shows up in the workforce, in public assistance programs and in governance, as well as our community’s overall health, well-being and safety. So truly, the benefit of supporting a child and their family early on is not only important to them, it ought to be important to you.

How do I get involved with PCF?

First of all, thank you for asking! We love to connect and engage with our entire community. We invite you to connect with us via our Facebook page to learn about (and share!) educational opportunities and upcoming events. Additionally, throughout the year we have awareness campaigns, such as the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign, where you or your business can help spread the word about child abuse prevention resources. Because our opportunities for support often change, we suggest letting us know of your interest via our Contact page.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Just reach out via our Contact page and let us know what you’re hoping to know.