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Community & Partners

Community Partners

Sure, it is a requirement of Early Childhood Council (ECC) legislation and rules that the Partnership for Children and Families (PCF) have certain organizations and representatives serve as part of its governing body—but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We deeply value our range of community partners and contributors, as they help us think about things in new ways, share resources to amplify impact, commit to transparency and build upon others’ work and systems. Be it our elected officials who lend an ear to explore legislation that better supports families, or our local public health department implementing new and innovative ways to promote a child’s well-being, we have a wonderful group of local leaders dedicated to helping achieve our mission and vision.

The idea of it “taking a village” to raise a child is pretty accurate—and we’re incredibly thankful for our village here in Mesa County.

Why a community approach is important

Early childhood care and education is important, and not just to the child and family. According to this study, there are a variety of implications for the community as well, including increased likelihood of graduating high school, increased likelihood of employment, increased annual earnings, increased likelihood of having a savings account, increased likelihood of owning a home and decreased criminal involvement.

Community partnership in action—Family Resource Center

PCF is located in the Mesa County Workforce Center (WFC), which brings together many services under one roof in an integrated fashion. Individuals and families visit our single location to receive a wide array of services, designed to respond to the holistic and comprehensive needs of each individual. This enhanced and coordinated approach to care provides increased value to each client—to be connected to many services they may need, instead of just one. These include prenatal care access, family support and education, domestic violence services, therapy and counseling services, healthcare enrollment assistance, and community case management to ensure connection and provide a “warm handoff” to other services within the FRC and the community as appropriate.

This important work is made possible by a collection of caring people, including PCF staff, our membership and executive boards, and our community partners.  Because PCF has chosen not to seek 501(c)(3) status, one of its primary partners is its fiscal and human resources sponsor, Hilltop Community Resources. PCF believes that this collaborative relationship enables it to fulfill its mission most efficiently and effectively.

It is through the tireless commitment and efforts of all of these early childhood champions that PCF is able to continue its work toward a safer, healthy community for young children and their families.