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FAQs: Community Partners

Find answers to community partners’ top questions on the history and purpose of ECCs, what local agencies are involved and how to refer to the Partnership for Children and Families.

What is an early childhood council?

Early childhood councils (ECCs) are local community partners created as a result of Colorado legislation formalized and passed in 2007. (Read more about their history here.) ECCs provide an efficient community-based infrastructure to support a statewide early childhood system. They are rooted in the values of community, collaboration and leadership on behalf of pregnant women and young children from birth to age 10. Frequently, ECCs are not delivering direct services to children and families (though they may) but are rather working on a systems level to make sure that local services to young children are plentiful, of high quality and easily available to anyone who needs them.

How do I know if my organization partners with PCF?

Although our partnerships ebb and flow with the needs of the community, we aim to maintain a list of our most recent partnership on our Community and Partners page. If you visit the page and don’t see your organization—or if you would like to join us!—please reach out via our contact page.

How do I refer people to PCF?

Great question, and the answer depends a bit on what you’re referring for.

  • If you’re referring someone who’s looking to find a childcare provider, please call 1-877-338-2273.
  • If you’re referring someone who’s interested in receiving coaching or professional development, please share our I am a Childcare Provider page [LINK] for more information or have them contact us directly.
  • If you’re referring someone so they can learn more about upcoming free or low-cost activities, send them to our Facebook page, where we post all the latest updates.

If you’re referring someone for something else that doesn’t show up here, please have them reach out via our contact page, of feel free to submit a specific inquiry yourself.

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Just reach out via our Contact page and let us know what you’re hoping to know.