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About Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families

Our role is to be the voice and face of the early childhood community, serve as an early childhood hub, elevate the quality of care for young children, and make connections between each child, service and sector.

Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here. If you’re wondering who we are, let us share a little bit about our history, programming and community connections.

Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families (PCF) is a local early childhood council (ECC), as established by the state, dedicated to providing stronger systems and useful resources to help children and families create better outcomes. We are a collaborative partnership made up of local early childhood and family-serving organizations.

Why it’s important to focus on serving children and families

Early childhood care and education are crucial for the success of our community’s children and future. According to multiple studies, early interventions can have far-reaching impacts later in life in the areas of personal life (e.g., improved self-regulation); educational achievement (e.g., improved retention, higher productivity in school); career path (e.g., higher earnings, improved workforce quality); and family and community (e.g., lower crime rates, reduced pregnancy rates, decreased dependence on governmental assistance). Recent research also indicates that early childhood care and education can have long-term positive impacts on participants’ health.

What does serving children and families look like?

PCF provides support and leadership to the community through prevention, education, collaboration and advocacy. Some examples of this include:

  • Serving as a childcare resource and referral (CCR&R) hub for parents and caregivers looking to find available childcare providers and centers
  • Hosting Child Development Associate (CDA) credential trainings for early childhood professionals
  • Advocating for the health and well-being of children through local partnerships and awareness campaigns, such as the child abuse prevention-focused How are the Children?
  • Providing literacy kits to children through local licensed childcare providers to help boost their readiness for kindergarten
  • Increasing the number of available licensed childcare spots available through the Child Care 8,000 initiative, in partnership with Mesa County Public Health
  • And much more! Check out our Stories of Impact page for additional examples of PCF programming.

This important work is made possible by a collection of caring people, including PCF staff, our membership and executive boards, and our community partners.  Because PCF has chosen not to seek 501(c)(3) status, one of its primary partners is its fiscal and human resources sponsor, Hilltop Community Resources. PCF believes that this collaborative relationship enables it to fulfill its mission most efficiently and effectively.

It is through the tireless commitment and efforts of all of these early childhood champions that PCF is able to continue its work toward a safer, healthy community for young children and their families.