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Working with Local School Districts to Advance Early Childhood Education

To help ensure that the area’s 3- to 5-year-olds receive high-quality care and education, PCF has entered into formalized coaching agreements for early childhood education with all three school districts in Mesa County—Mesa County Valley School District 51, De Beque Joint District 49-JT and Plateau Valley School District 50.

Brook Leoni has been working at Chipeta Elementary School in Valley School District 51 for more than three years and has been the lead preschool teacher there for over a year. She has worked with PCF’s childcare coaching program almost since she began working at Chipeta.

“I have worked in early childhood for over 13 years, previously working for Head Start in New Mexico,” Brook says. “It has always been my goal to get my classroom accredited with a five-star (Colorado Shines) rating. PCF helped me to attain this level in my first year as a teacher with School District 51.”

Coaching and beyond

As part of its commitment to Mesa County school districts, PCF also attends quarterly preschool meetings and has provided certified observations to some programs. Since receiving coaching from PCF, De Beque School District’s Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) site has also earned a Level 5 Colorado Shines rating.

Through this engagement, De Beque’s CPP has also agreed to participate in PCF’s early literacy program, involving literacy kits with up to 21 activities designed to engage children and their caregivers or parents. Available in English or Spanish, the kits are proven to help children gain measurable skills, develop reading comprehension and build readiness for kindergarten. Methods of learning include books, activities and manipulatives.

Interested in learning more about the school partnerships or the early literacy program?