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Supporting the Partnership for Children and Families

You can make the difference in the life of a child, a family and a community. Donations supporting the work of Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families have both immediate and long-lasting impact.

Your dollar today provides…

  • More education for providers of early childhood care and education so they can advance their knowledge and skill sets, thereby increasing the quality of the childcare they provide
  • More supports to keep children safe and families supported, helping to decrease the need for public systems intervention or involvement
  • More advocacy for legislation and resources that are child and family friendly
  • More access to childcare options that fit parents’ needs
  • Continued collaboration across local agencies to engage the whole community in supporting the whole family

That same dollar you share today also provides hope and support in the future. According to research, [1] every $1 invested in early childhood care and education saves taxpayers up to $13 in future costs. Additionally, more positive outcomes are probable, including:

  • Increased likelihood of graduating high school
  • Increased likelihood of employment

[1] Calman, L., & Tarr-Whelen, L. (2005). Early childhood education for all: A wise investment. Retrieved March 2019

Did you know 85% of a child's brain growth occurs by age three?

- Early Childhood Colorado