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Our Publications and Reports

It’s important to track and share PCF’s outcomes and activities with the community we serve. By sharing this information, we hope to not only detail the work we do, but to do so with transparency, providing a platform for ongoing discussion.

Annual reports

PCF is committed to providing an overview of the accomplishments, challenges and partnerships each year through its annual report. In some previous years, reports were produced jointly with the Family & Adolescent Partnership (FAP) to demonstrate not only the crossover in services covering entire continuum of children in Mesa County, from birth to age 21, and their families but also the commitment to working together for the benefit of all family members. 2020 brought such significant change and expansion that reports were produced independently to cover all the ground of each organization.


When relevant and appropriate, PCF will advocate for our constituents and community by sharing opinions and information via local news outlets, as well as participate in statewide and national conversations.

We also deeply value the reports and studies that are provided by our local, statewide and national partners. Here are a few of our favorites that inform and shape our work:

If you have any questions about the above resources, please let us know by contacting us.